Why do you want money in politics?


Maybe someone can ‘splain something to me:

I hear people go on and on that they care about “getting money out of politics.”

Well, then I have a question:

If that’s true, then why do people continue to vote for the politicians who spend the most money???


The fact is that the candidate who raises and spends the most money almost always wins.

By rewarding the candidates who raise the most money, voters force politicians to make ever bigger and bigger promises to the special interests that fund their campaigns in order to get the money they need to compete and win.

We can all deflect the blame to the lobbyists, corporate and special interests who offer millions to political campaigns in return for continued and increased subsidies, favorable legislation, corporate welfare, and sweetheart contracts, but the truth is, the people who are ultimately responsible are voters, who fuel the money-in-politics system and reward increased influence of money in politics by voting for the big spenders.


99% of voters in the 2012 Presidential election voted for one of the two major corporate-financed candidates, again sending the clear signal to all politicians that if they want to buy your vote, they need to go nuclear on funding and campaign spending, meaning ever bigger promises to moneyed interests, even though there was a third candidate, more qualified for the Presidency than either Romney or Obama, who was not beholden to any special interest.

Think voting for a third party is a bad idea? Here are some thoughts on that.


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