Stealing hope

Amazing how blatant, rampant lies spread as truth.

Screenshot 2014-03-23 18.50.51This article says:

“In America, it seems that belief is still very much alive that the poor, if they work hard enough, can become rich.

Americans hold onto this belief even as the data suggests that… the possibility for any American to rise from poverty to wealth is becoming increasingly difficult. Some analysts would say it is now virtually impossible.

First of all, this is entirely false. Upward mobility has been unchanged for decades, and the truth is, upward mobility is the rule, not the exception, as I detail in this article.

But the problem I have with propaganda like this is not just that it is a lie. The problem is the devastating, hope-destroying effect false propaganda like this has on the very people the propagandists purport to care about.

The despicable nature of such lies is that it robs our most precious resource from those who need it the most:


Lies like these rob people of their hopes and dreams, their ambitions, their optimism, and their dedication to working hard and providing themselves and their families with an ever better life, leaving them with only an empty sense of hopelessness and a bitter resentment  and hatred for the “haves” who somehow “gamed the system” to acquire wealth in a mysterious way the poor have no chance of doing.

You can steal a person’s possessions. You can commit violence against them, or lock them up. You can deny them a decent education and deny them job opportunities, all things the government and voters who support the status quo do to the poor every day.

But the very most despicable thing you can do to someone who is struggling to make ends meet is robbing them of their hope with soul-destroying propaganda like this.

I pray that voters one day wake up to the utter hopelessness and devastation these kind of lies, and legislation driven by them, cause in poor communities.


4 thoughts on “Stealing hope

  1. Nice article Josh.
    What makes these people think they will EVER be able to eliminate the gap? It’s human nature. There never has been, and never will be equality. Just like these people are sadly suffering on the short end of an epidemic known as “intelligence inequality”.

  2. You nailed it. America is still a land of opportunity — unless the hope-killing propaganda wins. With your help, and the voices of other life-affirming individuals, it will not. Keep up your good work.

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