What is Worker Exploitation?

No one has ever been able to explain to me how any entrepreneur or business who freely offers jobs– any kind of job at any wage– that people are free to apply for or not as they wish, can be “exploiting” people.

If it’s not the very best possible job opportunity available, then I should simply not take the job, right? And if it is, shouldn’t I be deeply grateful to the employer for offering me the best possible opportunity available to me?

If I am worth more than a job offers, or my current job is paying me, shouldn’t I just get another job that pays what I’m worth, or start a business myself?

If I just can’t find a job that pays me what I think I’m worth, then isn’t that pretty much proof that I’m not worth as much as I think I am?

If an employer can make a healthy profit from me at a higher wage, and I ask for that higher wage, and the employer says no, in other words, they would rather lose the profit they make from me that pay me more, does that mean the employer is not greedy enough?

I asked someone this:

“I offer you a job requiring 70 hours a week that pays $1 per week. Did I just exploit you?”

And the reply was,

“No, it only becomes exploitation if someone accepts the job.”

So the employer, making a job offer, cannot exploit anyone. Only a worker can cause exploitation, by accepting the job.



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