It’s not politics, it’s religion, stupid

(The word “stupid” in the title refers to myself, of course 🙂 )

One great joy in my life is the constant discovery of people who see the world far more clearly than I.

This article brilliantly states:

“Statism is about a failed top down 20th Century religion based in the feverish dreams of Marx and Hegel. Seriously, it is a religion.”

Wow. “It is a religion.” Brilliant! Of course! Religion is based on faith, not logic.

Now, I don’t mean to denigrate religion. Individual beliefs, whether religious, spiritual, philosophical, or otherwise, are sacred and every individual should be free to believe whatever they wish. But some beliefs are unarguably based on faith, and others on logic.

This is the mistake I have repeatedly made:

I have always believed people approached politics as I did, like a scientist intent on finding the truth, connecting the dots as data points emerged, or a detective trying to solve a case by weighing various theories against the known facts.

I used to think that if someone disagreed with me, they could show me where the flaw in my logic was, so that I could improve my thinking, or, I could demonstrate to them that my logic in a specific case was sound, where theirs was not.

But I was wrong.

People don’t believe in a political party out of logic or intelligence. People believe in a political party out of emotion, blind faith, loyalty, tribal instinct… in short, religious fervor.

People don’t vote Democrat or Republican due to the facts. People vote Democrat or Republican despite the facts.

When it comes to buying a new TV or car, people study the available data and generally make decisions driven by logic.

But Democrats and Republicans are not scientists or detectives. They are all too often zealots, ready to blindly die for their flag without ever questioning and delving too deeply into what that flag actually represents.


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