Progressives love guns

I have a special Christmas present for everyone – a profound revelation for the holiday!! 🙂

It goes like this:

After the school shooting at Sandy Hook, there was a brief flurry of public gun ownership debate, with the usual red and blue tribes facing off against each other. At first glance, it seemed the conservatives were “pro-gun” and the progressives were “anti-gun”.

So, I’ve been pondering this for a while, and if you know me, you know I rarely stop thinking at “first glance.”

Following a logical train of thought, I arrived at an obvious conclusion:

gun-gift-for-christmasProgressives LOVE guns.

Wait… what??!?

No one loves guns, of course, in the hands of a crazy kid killing randomly chosen classmates. In fact, no one loves guns when they’re used to shoot any person (except, perhaps, in the direst of circumstances).

But 99% of the time a gun is used, it’s actually NOT used to fire a bullet.

Instead, guns are usually used as a THREAT.

Guns are used to force someone to do something they don’t want to do. Not by shooting them, but by threatening to shoot them.

A convenience store thief or bank robber rarely just runs into a place and starts shooting everyone. Instead, the thief uses the gun as a threat, to compel the store or bank workers to give the thief money. Countless robberies have taken place without a single shot fired. Yet the gun, and the threat of violence and death, is an essential part of forcing others to your will.

Try walking into a bank and just asking nicely for them to give you a million dollars, with no gun and no threat of violence. Good luck with that.

Some policemen have never fired a gun in the line of duty. Yet they wear guns. Not for the purpose of going around shooting people all day. But as an everpresent threat, so they can enforce laws.

Progressives do love guns, not for shooting people, but when used as a threat of violence, to force values onto others who do not share their beliefs.

Here are a few examples:

How about using guns to compel young, healthy, low-income people to buy expensive health insurance they don’t want so the “pool” can support older, more well-off people? Guns are needed to accomplish that goal.

Progressives love guns when they are used to coerce workers to give up half of what they earn to be spent by bureaucrats on wasteful (at best), corrupt and often violent pursuits (including the killing of far more schoolchildren around the globe than crazy classmates could ever dream of killing).

Progressives love guns when they’re used to deny poor people without job skills the opportunity to work and learn on the job at a low hourly wage.

And paradoxically, progressives love guns when they’re used to deny ordinary people the right to own a gun.

Of course, every law is backed by deadly force. That’s why people who feel “their way is the only way” feel perfectly justified in the use of guns to force others to do things they don’t want to do.


Now, to be fair, most progressive gun-lovers would probably prefer some imaginary, not so violent alternative to using guns to force progressive views on others. Perhaps, if there were some effective mass system of universal indoctrination that taught kids to fear authority, and never question those in power, taught kids that collectivism was superior to individuality and diversity, taught them to conform to societal norms rather than be independent, taught them the need to rely on a “system” and to absolve oneself of personal responsibility for one’s own life, then citizens would be sufficiently brainwashed to never need the threat of violence from guns to obey and conform. (To conceal the true purpose of such a brainwashing institution, perhaps we could call it “free public education” or something equally innocuous and benevolent-sounding.)

But, make no mistake, progressives love guns. Without guns, their agenda completely falls apart, because it depends on deadly force, not peaceful persuasion or voluntary participation.

Myself, I don’t believe in the use of guns or any violent force for any reason, with the sole exception of enforcing laws that punish those who hurt others, or try to force people to do things they don’t want to do, and also as a deterrent against people who want to hurt others.

Other than those exceptions, I genuinely hate guns! And all violence. That’s why I would never feel justified in using guns to force my views onto others who do not share them.


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