The Coercive Power of Capitalism

I was directed recently to an article called “The Coercive Power of Capitalism”.

To save you 10 minutes of your life reading it, it boils down to the fact that, in a “capitalist society,” you are “forced” to work if you want to eat. This results in what the author calls “wage slavery”.

Presumably, superior systems exist where nobody has to work.

I like this idea a lot! Can anyone tell me where these societies are located, so I can move there and spend my days pursuing my own selfish aims, practicing guitar, reading and whatnot, without being “forced” to contribute to society by working at a job?


(I did ask the person who posted this article what seemed to me like a very simple question, which is, in a society where no one has to work, how does food get grown, houses and furniture get built, clothes get made, trash get hauled away and so on? She played coy and said she had an answer, but just didn’t want to tell me. Dang her! She has the secret to no one ever having to work again, and she wouldn’t spill the beans!)

Then I started thinking about the coercive nature of other areas in our society. Like playing jazz guitar. To be a great jazz guitar player, you are forced to practice for hours every day for many years. Basically become a “guitar slave.” That is not right!!

To be in great physical shape one is forced to eat healthy and exercise. Doesn’t everyone have the right to a perfect body without being coerced in this way? Of course we do! Let’s start a petition and get Congress to act now!!

Think of the coercive nature of relationships. Truly, to be a good spouse, friend or parent is a life of coercion.

For example, my niece just had a baby. Yet in our society, to be a good parent, she is forced to constantly take care of her infant. She is forced to be a “mother slave.” Totally unfair!

To be a world class ballet dancer, painter, programmer, carpenter, sculptor, doctor or writer, one is forced to have to devote their life to pursuing excellence. This totally sucks.

I kid you not, the article actually contained these words:

“We have to sell our labor (or be supported by someone who does that) as a condition of survival. Now that may not seem peculiar since that has been the state of affairs in most advanced economies for generations.”

I wish I lived in the olden days where houses, clothes and food were provided magically by elves and no one ever had to work!


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