Los Angelenos, we are strong! We will fight through!

I have to say, I am bursting with pride to be part of this strong, resilient community here in LA that, in spite of the fierce adversity of the weather lately, has not backed down, and if anything, has banded together and grown stronger as a community in the face of this cruel and hostile climate.

Despite not having a solid week of sunshine in at least a week, occasional water drops falling inexplicably from white fluffy objects in the sky (Google Image Search identifies them as “clouds”), and even recently living through at least one day in a row where the daytime temperature never even reached 70, WE will not give up, WE will not despair, WE WILL FIGHT ON, WE WILL SURVIVE even in these near hopeless conditions.

The reality is almost too much to comprehend. Rumors are that someone down the street turned their heat on. Yesterday I saw someone wearing a sweater. IN THE DAYTIME. There are so many touching stories of how people have reached out selflessly to their neighbors. Today, a Porsche Cayenne left a gap in a line of cars waiting for a red light to let me turn left into a parking lot. This kind of selfless sacrifice and outpouring of neighborly love fills this struggling community with a ray of hope that, together, we will somehow get though, beyond all reason we will somehow survive this.

Los Angeles, we will never give you up
We’re never going to let you down
We won’t run around and desert you.
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.


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