Why voting for a Democrat or Republican is throwing away your vote

Almost everyone feels they have no choice of who to vote for in a Presidential race.

No choice? Yep, that’s how it is, admit it. You don’t have a choice!

Of course, you’re going to vote for your major party guy. You know, the one with an “R” or a “D” behind their name, whether you think they will actually represent you in their actions or not. Face it, your hands are tied. There’s zero chance you’re voting for the “other” guy. You truly have no choice whatsoever in who you vote for.

Now, some people are dimly aware third party candidates exist, and a few people even think from time to time a third party candidate might be a better choice, but there is no way anyone will ever vote for them.


There is a ridiculous, idiotic concept the media, politicians, our family and friends have all have conspired to drill into us, to program us like robots so we keep voting for the “R” or “D” establishment candidate and the .01% continue to rule the world.

The ridiculous concept is this:

If we were ever to vote for a third party, we would “spoil” an election and the “other guy”, who of course is much more evil than our guy, will win.

Now let me explain why, if we’re able to elevate our level of thinking just one level higher than ground floor, why this concept of voting for the lesser evil to keep the “other side” from winning is utter, moronic nonsense.

Not only nonsense, but the practice of voting for “the lesser of two evils” has brought the U.S. to its sad present day state of affairs: poverty at a 50 year high, 5 bloody, expensive wars, the rich capturing almost 100% of gains in wealth and more people on government subsistence than ever.

So what’s wrong with the theory of voting for “the lesser of two evils”?

The first is, of course, the ridiculous assumption that your single vote will actually make the difference.

Of course no one is so delusional that they think their individual vote will sway a national election, right? People realize that, in reality, there is no chance an election will be decided by a single vote. Everyone understands that it is collective action by all voters that determine the outcome of an election. Each individual voter would surely admit that, if they alone were to cast a vote for a third party, the outcome of the election would be unaffected–exactly the same as if they had voted for one of the two “evils”, or simply not voted at all. One vote will make no difference.

Okay, people get that. But the way people are able to justify voting for one of the two “evils”, is that they reason this way:

If everyone were to do as they did, and vote for a third party, like Gary Johnson, then the more evil guy would win.

So, if you choose to vote third party, a huge number of others will follow suit? Really? How many vote copycats do you have? How many people just wait to find out who you will vote for, then do exactly the same without question? People who exercise no free will of their own, but mindlessly vote as you do? A hundred? A thousand? Ten thousand? A million? Really? Egotistic much? Have you ever considered the possibility that perhaps you are not quite as influential as you thought?

Okay, maybe it’s not that you actually control other voters, maybe it’s the principle of the thing. Yeah, that’s it! If you feel strongly enough about wanting true change to vote third party, everyone else might magically decide to do the same thing! In a “Hundredth Money Syndrome” kind of thing. And then where would we be?

But now that you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably figured out, as I did, how harebrained this whole line of reasoning is. Why? Because, obviously, if you voted for a third party, and this magically caused everyone to vote for a third party, the third party would win!


If you read this article over a few times, you’ll realize why voting for the lesser of evils, and not voting with your heart, is an absurd exercise in futility.

“The cold, hard truth is, voting for the lesser of two evils is truly throwing away your vote.”

Of course the powers that be bank on you (literally) falling for this devious ploy, over and over and over again, so they can maintain their power monopoly and continue to leech the lifeblood from you and the other 99%.

How well have they programmed you? Do you now feel free to vote for a third party, or is the fear the politicians have planted in you too powerful?

It’s clear that, although you might lose if you vote third party, you will most definitely lose if you continue to get suckered into voting for the Republicrat-Demoplican monopoly.

Vote for evil, and evil you shall get.

As Gary Johnson says:

“Be Libertarian with me one time. And after four years, if you want to go back to fighting multiple expensive wars, skyrocketing national debt, record-breaking poverty and soaring wealth inequality, then feel free to vote me out of office.”

This may very well be the only chance in our lifetime to support a qualified third party candidate. Johnson is a two term governor with more political and private sector experience than either Romney or Obama, with a stellar political record, and widespread support from both Democrats and Republicans. Yes, this year, you can vote for evil, or change the world.

Now that you have been freed from the shackles of this ludicrous illogic, and able to vote for whomever you like the best, check out Johnson’s website:


And every time someone who hasn’t thought this through tells you “I’m not wasting my vote” or “at least he’s better than the other guy” or “I’m not going to vote for someone who has no chance of winning” you can link them to this article so they can become enlightened and free to vote for the candidate of their choice, and not a slave to the brainwashing of the .01%.


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