America would be far better off if Romney had won the election. Here’s why.

We true liberals have an agenda. A great one. We are for peace, not war. We are against discrimination in any form. We are firmly in favor of individual human rights, and are with the ACLU on most every issue. We do not support corporate control of the government or politicians handing out hundreds of billions in special favors to their biggest campaign contributors.

So why would I say that America would be far better off if Romney were President? He seemed to be on the opposite side of pretty much all those issues.

Here’s why:

After Bush won what most people now realize was a rigged election in 2000, and especially with the invasion of Iraq in 2003, millions of people started to seriously question our leadership, both the White House and the Republican-controlled Congress.

Over the next few years a hundred million voices were raised in protest against Bush’s inept, violent and corrupt Presidential reign. sprang into being, and there was real, widespread outrage in the U.S. about the wars, corruption, skyrocketing national debt, torture, corporate welfare, devastation of civil liberties, and bailouts, from every Democrat and many Republicans.

The media reported on every misdeed, every travesty of human rights, every unwarranted military action. Voices were raised and protests mounted. People gained a healthy mistrust of the motivations of politicians in general, as was true during Nixon and Reagan’s presidencies, and rightfully so.

Then Obama was elected, and the voices were silenced.


The wars, corruption, national debt, torture, corporate welfare and bailouts actually accelerated. Obama seemed intent on out-Bushing Bush on every front.

But the People looked the other way, or buried their heads in the sand.

No highly educated person would contest that Obama’s reign has been spectacular in the scope of its violence, corruption, and destruction of individual rights.

Since Obama took office, he has sent troops to, and initiated military action in an unprecedented number of countries, earning Obama the monicker of “Warrior-in-Chief” from the New York Times, ABC News and The Atlantic. He has started a horrific campaign of drone attacks around the globe, resulting in thousands of innocent Pakistani and Yemeni women, children and men blown to bloody bits, a campaign that clearly turns the U.S. military force into a terrorist organization.

Obama was the first President in history to take the outrageous step of ordering assassinations of U.S. citizens without arrest or trial.

But the media kept quiet, and the People cheered him on.

The gap between rich and poor has skyrocketed under Obamanomics. Obama’s payouts to the wealthy have been so effective that since 2009, the top 1% have enjoyed almost 100% of all gains in wealth, an unprecedented figure. Median household income is down 8%, African-American household income down 11%. The CPI, the cost people pay for staples, has doubled. The number of people on the government dole has skyrocketed to almost half of U.S. households, an unprecedented number.

Yet there is nary a peep of blame of the current administration’s economic policies, even after 5 years. We all know the predecessor is wholly to blame (though no one can explain why). Obama can do no wrong.

Signing a health care bill that will cost $2 trillion, written by health insurance companies, and filling his administration with Monsanto employees is the tip of the iceberg.

The few Obama supporters who are aware of Obama’s misdeeds justify their choice with the tired, illogical “lesser of two evils” myth.

However, take a moment and genuinely picture what would happen if Romney were President:

rezmThe VERY FIRST TIME a Pakistani’s babies’ legs were blown off by a Romney-ordered drone attack, the picture would make the front page of every newspaper, every news website, it would lead every TV news program. People would be outraged and demand that Romney end the senseless violence.

The first time a drone attack killed 13 innocent civilians there would be a giant march on the White House, with protesters carrying signs with Romney’s face, a drone, and “WAR CRIMINAL” in red, bloody letters.

If the ACLU sued Romney, it would be the topic of every conversation. If Romney ordered the assassination of U.S. citizens including a newspaper editor, the People would demand immediate impeachment and trial.

If Romney ordered an attack that killed a 16-year-old American boy, the People would call for the death penalty.

If household income continues to plummet, as it likely would with Romney, no Democrat would blame his predecessor. If Romney continued to borrow money from China and Japan and continue the insane spending spree, and debt continued to skyrocket, the People would demand the insanity stop and call for a balanced budget. If Romney’s Administration handed out trillions to Wall Street and the banking industry and refused to tell anyone where the money went, I believe by now there would be the beginnings of a major revolution, with millions marching on the White House and Congress, a revolution that could not be ignored.

And so on, and so on. Romney’s activities would be severely constrained by media watchdogs and public outrage and anger. Therefore, the U.S. would have been much better off than with a President who can willy nilly does as he pleases with any detractor immediately admonished as unpatriotic, written off as racist or ridiculed as a “teabagger”.

Romney, on the other hand, commanded no respect from anyone. No one liked him. Progressives thought he was a blubbering idiot. True entrepreneurs thought he was a business fake, born with a silver spoon. Fiscal conservatives thought he was a Democrat tax ‘n’ spender. Many Christians saw him as a weirdo Mormon.

While millions voted for Obama because they fell under the spell of his silver-tongued rhetoric, 99% of votes for Romney in the election were merely for “Anyone but Obama”.

No one liked Romney. Which is why Romney would have been a “lame duck president” from his first day in office, not able to get away with anything.

Which is exactly why America would be far better off if he were President right now.

(Unfortunately, since June, I knew he didn’t have a chance.)


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