Why a vote for Romney is a wasted vote

Very simply, there’s no way Romney can win in November, because no one likes him.

To fiscal conservatives and Tea Party types, he’s a tax and spend Democrat who invented Romneycare, later renamed Obamacare, in Massachusetts.

To Christian conservatives, he’s a social liberal who’s on record as pro-gay rights and saying he believes every woman has the right to a safe and legal abortion. (Though he claims to be pro-life now, Christians believe he’s only saying that in an attempt to attract the social conservative vote.) Plus he’s a weird Mormon that wears underwear in the shower.

In the primaries, a lot of Republican candidates had their 15 minutes of fame: Cain, Gingrich, Santorum and others had weeks with skyrocketing poll ratings where it looked like they were the shoo-in. Except Romney. He never polled higher than about 15%.

Romney is the John Kerry of 2012– another rich, out-of-touch Massachusetts politician.

But there’s still a bigger reason Romney won’t win. It’s clear the RNC is sending Romney as a sacrificial lamb to the slaughter to lose. And Romney knows it.


After Rick Perry’s now-famous “Oops” moment, and the other favored candidates flamed out, the RNC realized that they didn’t have a chance to run the candidate they want.

If Obama wins, they predict they will get their Chris Christie or Santorum in 2016, just 4 years away.

But if Romney were to somehow win, and serve two terms (as every President has done since the elder Bush), then the RNC predicts the pendulum could swing the other way, and a Democrat would win, and probably serve two terms.

Which means they don’t get their candidate until 2028, 16 years from now! Since for much of the RNC brass this is beyond actuary predictions for their lifespan, they most surely do not want Romney to win.

I would wager even Ann and the kids were disappointed when Christie didn’t jump into the fray.

So, if you were planning on voting for Romney, why bother? It’s a wasted vote.

But if you don’t like Obama’s bloody and expensive wars, if you don’t like Obama’s economic policies that have led to record poverty and unemployment, if you don’t like Obama’s destruction of civil liberties, there is a real choice:

Gary Johnson.

If you vote for Gary, he may not win. But the percentage who vote for a third party will make a statement.

And then at least you haven’t wasted your vote.


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