What is the future of TV?

Today, your average TV might have connected to it a cable or satellite box, a DVD and/or Blu Ray player, a gaming device like an xBox, PlayStation or Wii, a DVR, and maybe even a Roku, Apple TV or Boxee box, all ensconced in an HDMI cable spaghetti mess with a bevy of remotes to match.

This is completely crazy.


This is the past of television. This is not the future.

The future is, ONE remote, ONE box. And the box is not a special purpose box. It’s simply a computer. It might be running an OS like Linux, iOS, Android, or Chrome OS, or even Windows or Mac OS X, with ONE HDMI out and ONE optical audio output, and hardware accelerated H.264. And any content you want, you will be able to get an app that will bring that content to you. (Unless it’s iOS, which means any content Apple allows you to have.)

I spent a lot of 2004 trying to put together a company based around manufacturing a cute little cube HTPC (Home Theater PC) that would take all these functions – disc playback, gaming, TV time-shifting, web surfing, looking at pictures or home movies, and put them into one box, with one wireless keyboard and gyro mouse on the sofa. The vision was there, but not the software or technology. Now, 7 years later, still, no one has yet really come up with anything that could become a standard.

I just read this in a Fortune article:

“I went to visit Lanzone at his San Francisco office. We plopped down on a low, green sofa around Clicker’s version of a conference table — a 55-inch screen. Boxes cluttered the pedestal on which it balanced as well as the floor beneath it. Lanzone picked one up — the cube-like Apple TV box — held it aloft with the cord dangling, and dropped it again. “All these boxes are like AOL circa 1995,” he said. The TV in front of us was connected to the web by a simple HDMI cord plugged into a laptop PC.”

I think Lanzone (founder of clicker.com) is right on.

Here’s the whole article: What the hell is going on with TV? – Fortune Tech.


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