Josh’s Rules

Just found something I wrote a while back:

1. At every job, strive to be the best- not just at that company, but the best in the world at whatever you do. If you don’t think your boss or company is worth it, who cares? Do it for yourself. Opportunities for advancement or better jobs will find you, it is rare that someone strives to be the best. Find a way to make yourself invaluable to your employers and clients and customers.

2. Don’t have kids unless you know you can care for them whatever happens, or are committed to somehow find a way despite any circumstances.

3. Don’t drive drunk. Don’t have unprotected sex. Don’t walk across busy freeways. Don’t repeatedly hit your head with a hammer. Don’t live in a flood zone. Help those more fortunate than you, maybe they will cut you a check. Have fun. If things go bad, cry a lot, but keep your chin up, you will get through it, and the challenge and experience will make you stronger. If not, at least write your story down- perhaps you can sell it as a made-for-TV drama.

Anyone who does not follow my rules I have little sympathy for.

Now you’ll have to excuse me, I have to go print up 300 million 8.5 X 11 sheets with Josh’s Rules on them and distribute them to save the future.


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